CPAP machines don’t prevent heart attacks, strokes in some sleep apnea sufferers

More than 25 million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder that causes sufferers to briefly stop breathing while they sleep, sometimes many times each night. The condition, caused by throat muscles that relax and block the airway, has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and Type 2 diabetes.

How amphetamine use may be affecting our waterways

New research has added to the growing body of evidence that the chemicals we put in our bodies often end up in our waterways — with noticeable consequences. A new study, published last week in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, explores what happens when amphetamine ends up in the ecosystems encompassing streams and it finds the drug can have a significant impact on the bacteria, algae and insects who call them home.

The delicious lessons of the ‘pierogi wars’

The first International Village was held in downtown McKeesport in August 1960. I went with a Greek-American friend, and my love affair with the sublime Greek cookies called finikia began that evening: soft crumbly texture, delicate flavors of orange, walnut, cinnamon, honey.

How the University of Pittsburgh helps prepare students to assist visually impaired individuals

It’s not an easy task for these students to get on a bus, but the drivers wait patiently as they find their way in using a cane. If they are lucky, there will be an empty seat not far from the door. What usually takes seconds, like pulling a cord to notify the bus driver to request a stop, isn’t so easy to do with a blindfold on.

Снесен павильон у станции метро «Электрозаводская» в Москве

Павильон на Большой Семеновской улице, расположенный у станции метро «Электрозаводская», полностью разрушен, передает корреспондент «Интерфакса». По его словам, стены снесены, на месте продолжают работать экскаваторы и сотрудники городских служб.

Два объекта «самостроя» в Москве снесут утром в понедельник

Демонтаж двух объектов «самостроя» в Москве начнется утром в понедельник, рассказал «РИА Новости» руководитель госинспекции по недвижимости Москвы Сергей Шогуров. Это объекты по адресам Кировоградская улица, 2б, и 2-я Кожевническая улица, 1а.